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January 5, 2008
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MityLite Magnattach Portable Dance Floor

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World’s fastest and most durable mobile Dance Floor

It’s rare to see a new product come along that completely re-writes the benchmark. We’re absolutely thrilled to announce the Magnattach Portable Dance Floor does just that. Its patented design, incorporating the use of ultra-high strength nickel plated Neodymium magnets, mounted to the aircraft grade aluminium frame, smashes current perceptions of dance floors and set up times!

With every other portable dance floor there is a complex and/or inconvenient way to place each tile. Some require a back breaking allen key twisting or screwing movement, other must be laid out in a brick pattern. Not the MityLite Magnattach.   Simply lay the tile on the floor and slide them in place. The “rare earth magnets” ensure that the MityLite portable dance floor stays locked together. This is the most innovative portable dance floor on the market.

Talk to a Regional Manager and book a demonstration anywhere in Australia. Prepare to be shocked!



Individual Tile Dimensions
Length 1200mm
Width 1200mm
Height 28mm
Weight 26kgs
Weight 3.6kgs


  • Innova Genuine 5 Year WarrantyThe Industry’s lowest cost of ownership and operation PLUS the fastest setup times.
  • Fast assembly / disassembly reduces labour costs by up to 90%.
  • Self-locking panels mean no cams, screws, or tabs.
  • Patented triple-lock system prevents “panel shift”.
  • NO moving parts equals unbreakable construction.
  • Wilsonart® commercial laminates in a variety of rich, durable finishes.
  • Extremely low maintenance with zero refinishing.
  • Lightweight honeycomb core.
  • Extruded aircraft grade aluminum frame & trim.
  • 5 year warranty.
  • Made in USA.




Mity-Lite Magnattach Dance Floor Datasheet

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