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Upright Trestle Table Cart
January 15, 2012
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January 20, 2012
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Banquet Table Cart



At Innova, we don’t just sell carts and chairs. Supporting our flagship MityLite carts and chairs, we offer the trolleys and carts that move our entire range of furniture.  The Banquet Table Cart is designed for quick, safe and efficient setup and pack up of our Banquet Tables, providing yet another quality commercial product accessory to our Banquet Table range.

All of our furniture-mover systems are designed to make your job quicker, safer and more cost-effective – carts and chairs become easier to move into place, quicker to set-up and a breeze to pull-down, pack and store.

Move not just one table, but 5, 10 or 20 carts at once. With more than 60 table trolleys and chair carts to choose from, you’ll cut the time it takes to move function settings back and forth.

And our furniture, trolleys and carts are designed to work together – carts and chairs stack tightly and securely to optimise limited storage space. Your storage areas become a much safer, better organised place to work in.



CRT 4872-Narrow
Cart only Cart Loaded with 1830mm Diameter Tables
Height 1050mm 1900mm
Width 790mm 790mm
Length 1530mm 1925mm
Weight 42kgs Depends on table brand
Capacity Up to 6 round tables
CRT 4872-Wide
Height 1050mm 1900mm
Width 1300mm 1300mm
Length 1530mm 1925mm
Weight 50kgs Depends on table brand
Capacity Up to 12 round tables


  • Innova Genuine 12 Year WarrantyNon-marring 203mm x 50mm thermo-plastic elastomer soft tread wheels with sealed 10mm ball or roller bearings.
  • Foot operated wheel locks on swivel wheels.
  • Black powder coated.
  • Carries any combination of round or oval tables, ranging in size from 1220mm to 1830mm diameter.
  • A dynamic load capacity of not less than 500kgs.
  • Made in Australia.
  • 12 year warranty.


Banquet Table Carts Datasheet

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