Combined, Australia’s largest stadiums represent a seating capacity in excess of 640,000. These venues also provide opportunity for corporate events which contribute to $10bn in annual revenue to the industry. From independent business meetings to corporate boxes and sponsors hosting events the decor and furniture play a critical role in the functionality, design of the meeting space and the ongoing attractiveness of the venue. Investing in the most appropriate furniture is not something that should be overlooked. Due to our long history and experience, we advise project managers, architects and interior designers who are involved in the stadium and area industry. We are very happy to share our experience with you also.

Stadiums, race Courses, Event Centres and sporting arena all over Australia and New Zealand appreciate the style, design and functionality of furniture supplied by lnnova Group. lf you have been at any of these venues in the last 18 months chances are you having been sitting at or on our furniture. There are a few good reasons why our furniture is preferred by the management of these venues. We would love to share those reasons with you. Call us to have a discussion. Your call will be the most valuable few minutes you can spend on the phone.