The Exhibition and Conference Centre industry is projected to post 3.5% annualised growth over the five years through 2014-15, to reach $10.8 billion.

New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland, the three most populous states-, account for close to three-quarters of industry revenue. New South Wales is overrepresented in the industry compared to its share of the population, while Victoria and Queensland are underrepresented. This is mainly because New South Wales attracts more delegates per event than the other two states. Victoria plays host to about the same amount of events as New South Wales but attracts fewer patrons, mainly due to Sydney’s attractiveness as a tourist destination and business hub. Queensland, and especially the Gold Coast, is popular within the incentive program segment. The Australian Capital Territory is also overrepresented in the industry compared with its share of the population.

So the size and requirements for venues across the country change depending on the purpose of the conference. As a result of being the largest supplier of conference and event furniture in Australia we are able to offer advice base on our vast experience. If you are looking for insights into maximising the profitability of your conference space we are happy to share our ideas with you.